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We offer a wide range of academic courses. Popular academic courses available include Business Management; Accounting and Finance; and Criminology and Psychology.
Yes. University courses are held on two or three days a week usually, which means you can work full time around the course.
Courses take place on just two or three days a week, usually. The precise days will vary depending on the particular course. To find out on which days your course will take place, please get in touch.
All of our preparatory work for acceptance to any academic institution is free. This includes support with application form for academic institutions and advice for student finance; interview and entrance test preparation.
Most popular courses are available in Manchester and Birmingham, as well as London. Our university partners are spread all across the UK, so please get in touch to confirm the locations available for any course you are interested in.
Yes. We offer support for the application process, and provide advice on any queries that may arise. If you have any questions regarding student finance, please get in touch.

Most academic institutions require some evidence of English language ability. However, the standard of English required, and the type of evidence accepted will vary depending on the institution.  Please get in touch to find out whether you meet the required standard, and have the right evidence for your preferred course.

Yes. Our services are open and never end at a certain point. Lion Heart Education Service will ensure that the services, and help will be continued even after enrolment, of course, in the UK if needed. We can provide additional advice, and guidelines to students who ask for our advice after enrolment.
What makes us different is that we are passionate about turning your dreams into reality. It is our greatest motivation, and inspiration. The reason why we are here. We say believe in your dreams, because we do! Here in the UK, you may face many barriers to academic and professional success. Perhaps lower-level English skills, complicated university application forms, or lack of knowledge about what is available. We can assure you that we created this exceptional education service, specifically to remove any, and all barriers that may be standing in your way.

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