BA English Literature

On this course there is no limit to your imagination. As a member of Roehampton’s diverse and passionate community of readers, writers and thinkers

Course details

This degree provides opportunities to work in our state-of-the-art laboratories, participate in field trips in the UK and abroad, and conduct your own research project.

  • Mode of study: 2 -3 days campus
  • Intake: September , January
  • Course length: 3-4 years
  • Course fee: £9,250 per year
  • Location: London

University of Roehampton

Course overview

Our modules don’t just teach you about literature, they help prepare you for life after university, and a successful career. In small groups, and in lectures, you will develop the ability to analyse ideas in depth, challenge stereotypes and clichés, and engage confidently in debate.

You will become a sophisticated reader capable of finding hidden meanings in different kinds of texts, from epic poetry to national advertising campaigns and popular TV shows. You will also refine your professional writing skills, and become adept at switching your style to suit different contexts.


Entry requirements

Year 1 entry: 112 UCAS points (or equivalent) Degree with Foundation Year Foundation Year entry: 48 UCAS points (or equivalent)

We welcome applications from students studying T Levels.For all courses we also accept a wide range of other qualifications and experience. Contact us to find out more.When we consider applications to study with us, we form a complete view of your achievements to


Our graduates go on to work in the media, the cultural heritage sector, the charity sector, the civil service, and industry. They become journalists, copywriters, podcasters, librarians, editors, teachers, social media marketers, policy advocates, and fundraising strategists – to name just a few! This is because they have learned to think deeply, and critically, about the culture that surrounds them, and to communicate complex ideas persuasively and accessibly for different audiences.


All modules are core and are optional.

  • Discovering Literature
  • Philosophy, Film and Literature
  • Journalists and the World 1
  • Multicultural London
  • Life Stories
  • Questioning the Canon
  • Afterlives: Ancient Gods and Heroes in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
  • Modern and Contemporary Dystopias
  • Romantic and Victorian Bodies

Topic modules

  • Applied Humanities: Professional Practice and Placement
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Digital Humanities: Concept, Code and Creativity
  • Childhood: Histories, Lives and Stories
  • Literature, Ethics and the Environment
  • Popular Literature and Culture

Work Placement Year

  • Work Placement Year
  • Dissertation Project and Professional Development

Topic modules

  • Copywriting
  • Myth and Transformation: Children’s and YA Fiction
  • Literature and Media
  • Tragedy: Classical, Shakespearean, Cinematic
  • Literature, Gender and Sexuality
  • Literature, Money and Power
  • Black British & American Writing
  • Reading in Action