BA (Hons) Criminology and Law Foundation Degree

Are you interested in a rewarding career in criminology and law, but need some extra support before you start a full undergraduate degree course?

Course details

Our BA (Hons) Criminology with Law with Foundation Year will equip you with the study skills you need to pursue your degree successfully, followed by the ins and outs of criminology and law across the UK and globally so that you gain universal skills for your future.
  • Mode of study: online
  • Intake: Intakes: September, January,  May
  • Course length: 4 years
  • Course fee: £6,935
  • Locations: online

Arden University London

Course overview

Taking a digital-first and practice-driven approach in line with the UK’s Ministry of Justice Digital Strategy (2025), the course will equip you with the modern tools needed to meet the current and future demands of the sector. You’ll explore the relationship between crime, society, and law, alongside the political, psychological, and social aspects of criminology. Through this, you’ll acquire far-reaching insight into the causes and legal consequences of crime at the individual, organisational, and societal levels.


Entry requirements

Standard entry requirements

To be eligible for our BA (Hons) Criminology with Law with Foundation Year, you should normally have:

  • At least 3 x GCSEs or 45 credits at Level 2 or equivalent. If your qualifications are older than 3 years, we will also ask to see a professional CV.

Non standard entry requirements

We’re also happy to consider an application from you if you can show us that you have relevant work experience that required critical thinking and analysis skills. We’ll ask you for a personal statement that demonstrates your motivation and ability to study this degree, along with references and evidence of your previous work experience.


Completing a criminology with law degree can open up a world of opportunity in criminal justice and related fields, as well as provide universal skills applicable to diverse industries. With that in mind, a few career options for you could include:

  • Police
  • Prison service
  • Probation
  • Paralegal
  • Community Justice
  • Voluntary sector 
  • Charities or NGOs
  • Work in the government, home office, or education and more


You have 4-12 years to complete this course, which means you can take up to 3 years to complete each level. Most of our students, however, aim to complete the course within 4 to 6 years.

  • Using Numeracy, Data & IT (20 credits)
  • Introducing Research Skills (20 credits)
  • Values, Ethics and Working Collaboratively (20 credits)
  • Academic Skills Practice (20 credits)
  • Crime and Law in Context (20 credits)
  • Psychology of Everyday Life (20 credits)
  • Becoming a Criminologist (20 credits)
  • English Legal System and Legal Skills (20 credits)
  • Crime 1 (20 credits)
  • Civil Liberties in Practice (20 credits) 
  • Working within the Criminal Justice System (20 credits)
  • Policing Priorities (20 credits)
  • Researching the Field (20 credits)
  • Defending the Realm (20 credits)
  • Youth Crime and Justice (20 credits)
  • Crimes of the Powerful (20 credits)
  • The Prison (20 credits)
  • Crime 2 (20 credits)
  • Victimology (20 credits)
  • Miscarriages of Justice (20 credits)
  • Professional Practice: A case study (20 credits)
  • International Law (20 credits)
  • Research Project (40 credits)