BA Media and Communications

This professionally-oriented BA Media and Communications is designed to provide you with the creative and critical thinking, executive skills and business awareness to succeed in the creative industries.

You will learn about the key media functions that define consumer culture, including marketing, branding PR, advertising, data and audience engagement. This degree will provide you with a deep insight into a rapidly-evolving industry, and give you broad based skills ranging from media production to data analytics.

Course details

This practice-based, industry-facing BA Media and Communications is designed to give you real world experience and equip you for a career in the creative industries

  • Mode of study: 2 -3 days campus
  • Intake: September , January
  • Course length: 3-4 years
  • Course fee: £9,250 per year
  • Location: London

University of Roehampton

Course overview

You will not only develop journalistic skills such as research, identifying and interviewing credible sources, editing texts and selecting stories for publication, but also learn about the business of media, preparing you for the more detailed exploration of different aspects of the media environment in the following years.

Working with practitioners and experts, you will develop practical skills in digital media production, project management, and creative skills in diverse formats including radio and podcasting, photography and feature writing. You will develop the ability to devise marketing and digital communications strategies, target messages to a wide range of audiences, and understand storytelling and media language. You will have the opportunity to conduct research on key topics relating to media communications and will be encouraged to reflect on your own role as a consumer and creator of media content.


Entry requirements

Year 1 entry: 112 UCAS points (or equivalent), Foundation Year entry: 48 UCAS points (or equivalent)

We welcome applications from students studying T Levels.

For all courses we also accept a wide range of other qualifications and experience.


You will be well equipped to work in a broad spectrum of roles, including digital editor and writer, digital communication manager, web designer, digital campaign manager, social media content manager, online PR manager, customer experience manager, online advertiser, digital assets curator, interactive media designer and digital project manager.

Our careers team is available to support you from the start of your studies until after you graduate. They will help you build your CV, prepare for interview, and meet and learn from successful graduates working at the top of their careers. You’ll have lots of opportunity to work with our partners across London and beyond, and also to attend a Roehampton jobs fair where you can find out about graduate opportunities and meet employers.


All modules are core and are worth 15 credits unless specified.

Compulsory modules

  • Digital Methods 1
  • Online Video Production
  • Journalists and the World 1
  • Digital Photography Workshop
  • The Business of Media
  • The Art of the Story

Compulsory modules

  • Marketing in Practice
  • The Craft of the Story
  • The Power of Data

Optional modules

  • Digital Methods 2
  • Strategic Digital Communication
  • Feature Writing
  • Radio and Podcasting
  • Connectivities
  • Audiovisual Journalism
  • Media Language
  • Career and Professional Development

Compulsory modules

  • Public Relations in Practice
  • Media Practice Project

Optional modules

  • Doing Visual Research in Media and Culture
  • Copywriting
  • Cinema in the Digital Age
  • International Challenges and the Media
  • Mediating the Self
  • The Media, the Critic and the Public Sphere
  • Work Placement