Online and Blended Courses

Online and blended courses are the 21st century way to learn. They use technology to make it easier to be a student than it has ever been. We all live busy lives and these courses were created with that in mind.

Barriers like lack of time to study, due to work or childcare, and the cost of travelling to classes are a thing of the past, with modern courses that are flexible and convenient.

Online and blended courses are student-focused. They are all about allowing you to learn in the way that suits you best.

If you have any questions about online, or blended learning, or want to inquire about the availability of a particular course, please get in touch

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Online Courses

Online Students

Online courses are great way to study for anyone with a busy life, time management challenges, or self-discipline struggles. Online courses are self-paced and incredibly flexible, so you can fit study around work, family and other commitments. 

Please be aware that online courses are not eligible for student maintenance loan, only the course fee can be paid with Student Finance.

Just some of our online courses are listed below, but please get in touch to find out everything we have available.


Online courses offer great value for money, with the same high-quality provision, but lower fees than courses delivered on campus.

Studying online gives you freedom. No need to be at a specific location, at a specific time. You study when its convenient. 

By attending an online course, you will benefit from having many convenient resources, such as an online library, lecture recordings, study skills workshops, and many other forms of technology-based support.

Taking an online course can help you develop digital knowledge and skills. Compared to those attending courses exclusively on campus, you will spend more time operating, and communicating in a virtual environment.  This improves your digital skills, which makes you more a more appealing candidate to employers.

Online Courses Benefits

Blended Learning

Blended learning, is a method that combines instructor-led classroom teaching with online content. It includes on-demand videos that students can watch and review in their own time outside of the classroom. It may also involve live teaching, in person, online (through a live virtual classroom or even two-way video). Blended learning may include a mix of videos, digital reading materials, pre- and post-learning assessments, study groups, presentations, and formative assessments.

A few of our blended courses are below, but get in touch for the full list of what is available. 

With blended courses you are eligible to apply to Student Finance for a maintenance loan, to help with your expenses.

Use Your Preferred Learning Style

Each person has their own learning style and preferred way of learning. Some of us are visual, while others may prefer to hear, or be kinaesthetic, meaning we learn by doing. Research shows that people learn better when a range of learning materials are used, that take into account that we all learn differently. Retention, engagement and learning are all improved this way. Blended learning makes use of this research about how we learn, by combining classroom teaching, with a wide range of practical activities, and collaborative working opportunities with other students

Learn At Your Pace When It Suits You

Blended learning allows you to study at your own pace, rather than following the group’s fastest or slowest learner. Learning at your own pace helps people learn best. You can pass over familiar material if you choose, and spend more time researching topics you are less familiar with. You can access information when you are most alert, and take breaks whenever you want. This way of learning helps to keep your engagement high, reduce your stress, and keep you motivated to study. It also allows students to study, who would otherwise be too busy juggling their work and family commitments

Blended Students

Blended learning can save you time and money. By learning in this way, you reduce the time spent travelling, and the costs of attending a campus many more days of the week. As the cost of travelling continues to increase, choosing to do blended learning is becoming a much better option for a growing number of people.

When you choose to do one of our blended courses, you will be eligible to apply to Student Finance for a maintenance loan. This can be used to pay towards your expenses, for example, books and supplies, living expenses and transportation. This all makes it much easier to afford the university experience.

Online Courses or Blended Learning – which is Right for You?

We know it can be hard to decide whether an online, or blended course is right for you.  Both have many benefits, but just knowing them may not be enough to help you decide which is best for you. 

To help make your decision a little easier, we have identified which type of learning might suit you most, based on your circumstances, preferences, or restrictions. For additional help, please get in touch, as we are more than happy to assist you in making your decision.

Please be aware that online courses are not eligible for student maintenance loan, only the course fee can be paid with Student Finance.

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We offer a wide range of academic courses. Popular academic courses available include Business Management; Accounting and Finance; and Criminology and Psychology.
Yes. University courses are held on two or three days a week usually, which means you can work full time around the course.
Courses take place on just two or three days a week, usually. The precise days will vary depending on the particular course. To find out on which days your course will take place, please get in touch.
All of our preparatory work for acceptance to any academic institution is free. This includes support with application form for academic institutions and advice for student finance; interview and entrance test preparation.
Most popular courses are available in Manchester and Birmingham, as well as London. Our university partners are spread all across the UK, so please get in touch to confirm the locations available for any course you are interested in.
Yes. We offer support for the application process, and provide advice on any queries that may arise. If you have any questions regarding student finance, please get in touch.

Most academic institutions require evidence of English language ability. However, the standard of English required, and the type of evidence accepted will vary depending on the institution. Please get in touch to find out whether you meet the required standard, and have the right evidence for your preferred course.

Yes. Our services are open and never end at a certain point. Lion Heart Education Service will ensure that the services, and help will be continued even after enrolment, of course, in the UK if needed. We can provide additional advice, and guidelines to students who ask for our advice after enrolment.
What makes us different is that we are passionate about turning your dreams into reality. It is our greatest motivation, and inspiration. The reason why we are here. We say believe in your dreams, because we do! Here in the UK, you may face many barriers to academic and professional success. Perhaps lower-level English skills, complicated university application forms, or lack of knowledge about what is available. We can assure you that we created this exceptional education service, specifically to remove any, and all barriers that may be standing in your way.