BSc Geology

Our Geology degrees gives you a broad training in the geosciences, from the structure and history of our planet and life on Earth, to the natural resources that geologists need to manage for a sustainable future. You may have already discovered that every rock tells a fascinating story: perhaps it was formed in a volcano, or preserves dinosaur remains, or a chemical signature of past oceans, or a rare mineral with high-tech applications. Our Geology degree helps you piece it all together to arrive at a profound understanding of our planet and the role of the geoscientist in today’s world.

Course details

We are walking on billions of years of Earth history. In this geology degree, you will learn how to piece it all together to understand how our planet works, and see how geologists make a difference to society and the planet.
  • Mode of study: 3-4 days  a week
  • Intake: Intakes: September
  • Course length: 3-4 years
  • Course fee: 9250 per year
  • Location: Leicester campus

University of Leicester

Course overview

The first year lays the foundations by introducing you to the full spectrum of geoscience topics, including the rock cycle, palaeontology, natural resources, and geological maps. You will undertake a field trip to the beautiful Isle of Arran in Scotland where you can put into practice everything you have learn on campus. In the second year you will develop your skills and understanding, and in the third year, develop specialist expertise to help realise your potential. You can choose optional modules to reflect your developing interests, and take field trips to UK and overseas locations. By choosing the Geology degree, you will have more option choices than students on specialist degree streams, though it’s easy to change at the end of the first year if you discover a particular interest in palaeontology or applied and environmental geology. Explore the different modules in detail using the links on this page.


Entry requirements

A-levels: ABB-BBB preferably including at least two from: Geology, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Use of Maths, Computer Science, Environmental Science, or Geography. We also consider one-science profiles with Geology, Maths, Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

EPQ with A-levels: BBB + EPQ at grade B. A-level subjects preferably including at least two from: Geology, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Use of Maths, Computer Science, Environmental Science, or Geography. We also consider one-science profiles with Geology, Maths, Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

GCSE: Grade C/4 in English Language and Maths.

Access to HE Diploma: Pass science diploma with a minimum of 45 credits at level 3, 30 of which must be at Distinction. To include Physics, Chemistry and Maths Level 3 credits.

International Baccalaureate: Pass Diploma with 30 points, including grade 5 in two science subjects at HL. Minimum of 3 in HL Maths or 4 in SL Maths required if grade C/4 not held at GCSE. Minimum of 4 in English Language required if grade C/4 not held at GCSE.

BTEC Nationals: Pass Diploma with DDD (Science Related). Please contact School regarding eligibility.

T Levels: Distinction in Science (with an Occupational Specialism in Laboratory technician)


All of our Geology degrees will provide you with the knowledge, technical and transferable skills required to achieve your professional goals. You’ll also benefit from a dedicated Careers Tutor with many years’ experience as an industry geologist.

Our annual Geology Careers Day is attended by a wide range of companies from across the geoscience sector. More than 50 companies are actively involved with Geology at Leicester, from funding major research projects to work experience opportunities.


At the very beginning of your course you’ll take the short, non-credit bearing Academic and Study Skills.

  • First Year Tutorials
  • The Rock Cycle – Our Dynamic Earth (double module)
  • Micro to Macro: From Rock Properties to Plate Tectonics
  • Palaeobiology and the Stratigraphic Record
  • Natural Resources and Energy for the 21st Century
  • Geological Maps and Structures
  • Introductory Field Course (Arran)

Core modules

  • Geological Field Skills (Spain, Anglesey and Lake District field courses)
  • Magmatic and Metamorphic Processes
  • Climate Change: Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation
  • Introduction to Geochemistry
  • Structure and Tectonics
  • Depositional Processes and Environments

Option modules

Choose one option module from:

  • Mineral Resources for Net-Zero Carbon 1
  • Major Events in the History of Life

Core modules

  • Independent Field-Based Project
  • Dissertation

Option modules

Choose two option modules from:

  • Environmental Geoscience
  • Diversity and Evolution of Vertebrates
  • Crustal Dynamics
  • Water Quality Processes and Management

Then choose three option modules from:

  • The Forensic, Archaeological and Geological Application of Microfossils
  • Mineral Exploration, Economics and Sustainability
  • The Mining Lifecycle Field Course – Cornwall
  • Key Events in the Evolution of Planet Earth Viewed Through the Geological Lens of Wales – a field course
  • Physical Volcanology
  • Mineral Resources for Net-Zero Carbon 2
  • Stable Isotopes in the Environment
  • River Dynamics