History BA

At Leicester, you will be able to explore a wider range of periods, themes and approaches to history than you are likely to have encountered before. A high degree of flexibility and choice is built into the course from the first year onwards – our range of expertise will allow you to build your degree around your own areas of interest, and narrow your focus to the eras, events and figures that truly fascinate you.

Course details

Human history is fascinating, but to really appreciate it, we need to investigate the events, ideas and people that shaped our world, as well as the impact they still have today. This degree gets stuck into a wide range of historical periods to help you better grasp how history is made, viewed and discussed.
  • Mode of study: 3-4 days  a week
  • Intake: Intakes: September
  • Course length: 3-4 years
  • Course fee: 9250 per year
  • Location: Leicester campus

University of Leicester

Course overview

We offer a large choice of subjects from the fifth century to the contemporary world, and from all parts of the world: Britain, Ireland and Europe; Eastern Europe and Russia; China, Japan and India; North America, Latin America and the Caribbean; parts of Africa and the Middle East; and Australia.

You will have access to library collections that date back to the 12th Century. And if you want to feel the history of another city beneath your feet, you have the option to spend a year studying overseas.

Political, cultural, intellectual, social, economic and international perspectives will all come into play as you explore the web of factors that contributes to our understanding of history.


Entry requirements

A/AS-levels: ABB-BBB at A-Level. We prefer A-Level History, though this is not essential. Two AS-Levels considered in place of one A-Level. General Studies is accepted

EPQ with A-levels: BBB-BBC at A-Level + EPQ at grade B. We prefer A-Level History, though this is not essential

Access to HE Diploma: Pass relevant Diploma with 45 credits at level 3, 30 of which must be at distinction

International Baccalaureate: Pass Diploma with 30 points including 6 in one Higher Level subject

BTEC Nationals: Pass Diploma with D*DD


We offer several practical or placement modules so that you can gain hands-on experience in your chosen career path.

Graduates from our History degrees have gone on to work for a wide range of employers including:

Department of Education
Troubadour Publishing
British Standards Institution


At the very beginning of your course you’ll take the short, non-credit bearing Academic and Study Skills.

Core modules

  • Making History (double module)
  • Medieval and Early Modern Europe: People, Power, Faith, and Culture
  • The Shock of the Modern
  • People and Places (double module)

Option modules

Choose two option modules from:

  • Global History: Connections and Cultures in a Changing World, 1750 to the present
  • Great Britain: The State We’re In
  • Europe 1861-1991: Emancipation and Subjugation
  • US History since 1776

Core modules

  • Perceiving the Past (double module)
  • Becoming the Historical Researcher (double module)

Option modules

Choose four option modules from:

  • Gender History
  • Jack-the-Ripper: Crime, Popular Culture and Policing in Victorian Times
  • From Beer to Fraternity: Alcohol, Society, and Culture in North America
  • A World Connected: Economy, Wellbeing and Sustainability since 1945
  • Living with Dictatorship: European Societies, 1918-1941
  • Fight the Power! Race, Rights and Protest in the USA, 1865-2008
  • The Latin World: Ancient, Medieval and Modern
  • Class Struggle and the Industrial Revolution
  • Histories of Violence
  • Madness, Monarchy and Politics in Georgian Britain
  • Domestic Revolutions: Women, Men, and the Family in American History
  • Enter the Dragon: Modern Chinese History, 1839-1989
  • History in the Classroom
  • Heritage Field Project

Choose one option module from:

  • A Sea of Conflict? Christian Muslim Encounters c.1100-c.1300
  • The Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Church, State and Belief in Soviet Russia, 1941-1991

Choose two option modules from:

  • The Civil Rights Movement, 1945-1968
  • The Golden Age of Anglo-Saxon Northumbria
  • When Two Dragons Fight: China and Japan at War in the Twentieth Century
  • Gender, Crime and Deviance in Eighteenth Century Britain
  • Abolitionists: Antislavery Activism in Britain and America, 1787-1865
  • Making Nazis: Propaganda and Persuasion In The Third Reich, 1933-1945
  • Disasporas and Migrations in the Modern World

Then choose one option module from:

  • The Imperial Economy: Britain and the Wider World, 1815-1914
  • The USA and the Vietnam War
  • Crime and Punishment in African American History
  • Plus your Dissertation