Interior Architecture and Design - BA (Hons)

Interior architecture and design is a distinct, rigorous practice that requires a specialist way of thinking about how we occupy complex interior spaces. As a practice, it applies to buildings and urban communities and involves thinking about how interior elements and the materiality of spaces are brought together at a human scale to accommodate and delight.

Course details

We are fascinated by the way people inhabit existing and new spaces, both at the scale of the home and at the scale of the city. Interior architecture and design is a distinct, rigorous practice that requires a specialist way of thinking about how we occupy complex spaces and how the elements of space are brought together at a human scale both to accommodate and to delight.
  • Mode of study: 2 -3 days campus
  • Intake: September , January
  • Course length: 3-4 years
  • Course fee: £9,250 per year
  • Location: London

London Metropolitan University

Course overview

This degree course will help you develop specialist skills in the areas of observational and spatial drawing, computer drawing, model making and technological and material investigations. Alongside making design proposals we ask you to comprehensively research, analyse and articulate the culture and context in which your design thinking is being applied.

As you progress through this course, you’ll develop your own individual enquiry, creative approach, critical thinking and deepen your understanding of design processes. We encourage you to combine intellectual and creative ambition with detailed resolution of your work and to test how to communicate your ideas effectively to your peers and in the wider world.


Entry requirements

a minimum of grades BBC in three A levels from relevant subject areas in the arts, humanities and social sciences (or a minimum of 112 UCAS points from an equivalent Level 3 qualification, eg BTEC National Diploma in an art related subject with DDM and at least five merits in the final year, excluding common skills entry from appropriate Foundation and Access and courses will also be considered) plus a portfolio review

GCSE English grade C (grade 4) or above (or equivalent)

What the students say

I feel I truly hit my stride during [my] interior design project. I only started using Photoshop since I started my degree programme, and these software skills were indispensable. After graduation I’m hoping to get a job in a firm that’ll allow me the opportunity to continue expanding my skills and knowledge of interiors.


The modules listed below are for the academic year 2022/23 and represent the course modules at this time. Modules and module details (including, but not limited to, location and time) are subject to change over time.
  • Critical & Contextual Studies 1 (Interiors) (core, 30 credits)
  • Design Principles for Interiors (core, 30 credits)
  • Interior Materials and Technologies (core, 30 credits)
  • Spatial Design Development (core, 30 credits)
  • Critical & Contextual Studies 2 (Interiors) (core, 30 credits)
  • Design Details (core, 30 credits)
  • Human Scale (core, 30 credits)
  • Interior Technologies and Production (core, 30 credits)
  • Critical & Contextual Studies 3: Dissertation (Interiors) (core, 30 credits)
  • Integrated Design Practice (core, 30 credits)
  • Major Project Realisation: Interior Architecture and Design (core, 30 credits)
  • Project Design and Development for Interiors (core, 30 credits)