London College of Creative Media (LCCM)

London College of Creative Media (LCCM) is the number one education provider in the UK for music performance, and music business degrees, based on the satisfaction of its students (NSS 2019, 2020 & 2021).

The college has a custom-built campus with modern facilities and industry-standard equipment, where tuition is provided by industry-established professionals. 

About London College of Creative Media (LCCM)

Because it is located in Central London, you can’t get any closer to Europe’s entertainment and music industries. Please note that each course is taught by LCCM, but the degree is awarded by the University for the Creative Arts, the top arts university in national rankings (2020), and has been given Gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework.

London College of Creative Media (LCCM)

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Most of all, LCCM values originality and new ideas. It is not like the more typical system of mass music education that treats every student as being the same. They are highly passionate and motivated about trying new things to ensure that every musician, vocalist, and producer is unique, and can pursue a sound, and style that is interesting, new, and true to themselves.

Opportunities for graduates, and the skills employers want from them have changed a lot compared with previous years. LCCM takes a unique approach that takes this into account, and gives you a practical education that not only helps you master your chosen subject or instrument, but also encourages you to work together, communicate, take the lead, and work hard. 

They have a proud reputation for fostering creative talent, for having created a modern centre for artistic, creative, and academic excellence. This has been achieved by combining the best aspects of traditional universities, conservatoires, and rock and pop schools.

LCCM works very hard to ensure each student moves into a highly successful career when they finish their studies. For this reason, a wide range of career support is available, covering every aspect of securing the right position and path for you, and your talents in the music industry. This includes one-one careers advice, tailored modules, employability training, and weekly workshops to discuss the music industry.

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LCCM has numerous prestigious and influential contacts in the industry, which are used to help graduates gets placements, work experience and employment opportunities.

During office hours, the Programme Administration team is always there to assist students with anything they may require. Importantly, help is available before, during, and after your time as a student at LCCM. You will receive the very best professional advice and direction. These team members will be the first people you talk to about any question. The team works together to give you a better experience during your course. They will assist you with many different areas, like academic guidance your well-being, disability issues, accommodation and more.

The university supports all students with improving their academic performance, and transition to the country, and campus life, and much more.        

Almost £5 million was spent on the new campus, called the Music Box. This new site gives you the best tools for music, writing, and starting your own business. Its facilities include, ‘The Venue’, their very own gig space, a meeting room, 2 digital piano rooms, 3 recording studios, 7 sound proofed performance rooms and 4 computer labs. Additional facilities include a bar, a café, a quiet space and a library, and 10 practice booths.


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