University of Gloucestershire

A number of learning institutions were merged in 2001, to become what is now called the University of Gloucestershire. Cheltenham and Gloucester are home to the three campuses of the university. There are 8,500 students enrolled right now, and they come from more than 60 different countries.

Students enjoy the benefits of high quality education in some of the most historic, beautiful, and interesting locations in the entire UK. As the university is in the centre of the country, exploring the rest of the country is also much easier.

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About University of Gloucestershire

The university offers students the opportunity to take part in a student exchange programme, which gives you the chance to study in another country for one, or more semesters. The University of Gloucestershire also offers business degrees that can be finished “fast-track” in only two years. With these degrees, students can start working faster, or go on to get more education. In addition, 14 National Teaching Fellowships have been given to the University, and they have a large number of lecturers who have worked in industry.

University of Gloucestershire

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The proposal for Art and Design got a score of 78% in the top two bands of the REF, while the proposal for Sport and Exercise got a score of 71% in the top two bands. 47% of all of the University’s REF submissions were rated as either world-leading (4*) or internationally excellent (3*).

Art and Design, which the University sent to the Research Excellence Framework (REF), got a score of either world leading (4*) or globally excellent (3*), but Sport and Exercise only got a score of 71% in the top two bands.

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The University of Gloucestershire offers comprehensive support to students to assist with academic skills, and adjusting to the country, and university, and more. Additional support is available for international students.

The university is in a great spot in the middle of the United Kingdom, and it’s easy to get to several big cities from there. By car or train, it takes two hours to get to London. Birmingham, Bristol, and Oxford, on the other hand, can all be reached in less than an hour.

People often call the town of Cheltenham the “Gateway to the Cotswolds.” It has two campuses, and a third can be found in the nearby town of Oxstalls. Cheltenham is a beautiful, quiet town that happens to be in a place with stunning natural beauty. Because of this, six million people from all over the world visit the town every year. It is also home to the world-famous Cheltenham Racecourse, which is also used for other events like social gatherings and the graduation ceremony for the local university.