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The University of Roehampton is located in south-west London on a sizable campus that is made up of parkland. It became an independent university in 2004, but its history can be traced back to the establishment of four colleges for teacher education in the 19th century. These four distinct schools are still a part of the University today.

About University of Roehampton

Currently, 8,000 students hailing from 110 different nations make up the University of Roehampton’s diverse and globally-minded student body. With a long history of teacher training, the university continues to place a strong emphasis on teachers’ education, as one of its primary areas of expertise. The university is highly regarded for its programmes in dance, biological anthropology, drama, and English literature.

University of Roehampton

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Undergraduate and postgraduate levels of education in the field of hospitality are provided through the Swiss Glion Institute of Higher Education. Additionally, the university has just recently begun providing online education in the fields of business and medicine.

The results of REF2021 show that 77% of the research that was submitted by the University of Roehampton was either “world leading” or “internationally good,” representing an increase of 11% compared to 2014.

They have been named as both the top modern university in the country for research and the top modern university in London overall. Both of these accolades were awarded equally to the University. 

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Overall, the University was given the 51st spot in the country for the quality of research it produces, which is nine places higher than its previous ranking in the REF2014.

Support for students includes assistance with academic skills, and adjusting to the country, and university. Significant support is available for international students.

The university is spread across two significant campuses In Roehampton, which is located in south-west London. Listed buildings are located on grounds that are adjacent to Richmond Park and Putney, while the city centre is only a few kilometres away. Roehampton itself has kept some of the Georgian elegance that it had when it was a village and estate for wealthy Londoners. However, because of its convenient rail connections, Roehampton provides quick access to the more central parts of the city.


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