UPIC - Foundation in Arts, Design & Architecture

Ready to channel and apply your creative impulses and imagination to real-world built environment problems?

Course details

Kick-start your professional accounting career.

  • Mode of study: 3-4 days  a week
  • Intake: Intakes: September
  • Course length: 3-4 years
  • Course fee: 9250 per year
  • Location: Plymouth campus

Plymouth University

Course overview

Through critical thinking, hands-on work with a community of expert practitioners, designing and making, our professionally accredited architecture degree will give you the experience, skills and resilience to become a progressive thinker who can confidently design sustainable and inclusive solutions to our planet’s future challenges.


Entry requirements

A minimum of two A levels; General Studies accepted, Digital portfolio


Architects and surveyors work in a variety of organisations, and it is typical for graduates to be employed within smaller, localised firms to begin with before moving on to bigger practices. Regardless of the size of the company, you might benefit from drawing on your work experiences and degree specialisms to determine what would suit you. Planning, construction, urban design and environmental services are just some of the departments that built environment graduates can work within, and these can occur across the sectors.


Note: All modules are indicative and based on the current academic session. Course information is correct at the time of publication and is subject to review. Exact modules may, therefore, vary for your intake in order to keep content current. If there are changes to your course we will, where reasonable, take steps to inform you as appropriate.

  • Communication 4.1 (COMM411)
  • Design Studio 4.1 (DESN411)
  • Integrated Design 4.2 (DESN412)
  • History Theory and Critical Context 4.2 (HTCC412)
  • Technology 4.1 (TECN411)
  • Design Studio and Communication 5.1 (DSCM511)
  • Design Studio + Communication 5.2 (DSCM512)
  • Critical Context 5.1 (HTCC511)
  • Common Challenge: Technology 5.2 (TECN512)
  • Common Dissertation: Critical Practices (ADA600)
  • Design Studio + Communication 6.1 (DSCM611)
  • Design Studio and Communication 6.2 (DSCM612)
  • Technology 6.2 (TECN612)