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Our growing list of universities means we have courses available in the UK’s most popular, and famous towns, and cities.

Please have a look at the areas listed below. If you want to study in a location that is not listed on our website, please get in touch as we may still have something available in that area.

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With more than 400,000 students, London has one of the largest student populations in the world. Also, being one of the most multicultural cities on earth, around one in three people in your new student community might be from another interesting culture, or country, or maybe your own.

London is extremely student friendly. As a student you will be entitled to numerous discounts, saving you money on public transport, food, alcohol, cinemas, night clubs, and many other forms of entertainment. 

London: Did you know..?

London is also the number two city in the world for tourism. It is the home of Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square and many other world-famous locations. 

While these serve to commemorate the city’s long, and fascinating history, its modern constructions like the Shard and “the Gherkin” show London is also an exciting, and vibrant city of the future.



London has one of the world’s most comprehensive, public transport networks. It is also the best-connected city in the UK. This makes travelling to and around London as easy as possible. 

Joint Points

It is serviced by a comprehensive national train network, coach services, the Eurostar, connecting London, with France, Belgium and the Netherlands.


There is also London City airport for regional flights, and three international airports, Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted.


With a population of 9.4 million, Birmingham is the UK’s second largest city. It is remarkable for being Europe’s number one city for young people, with 40% of the population being under 25 years of age. It is also one of the most multicultural, with 42% of the population being from a non-white, ethnic background. Being a student, you will be interested to know that, by choosing to study in Birmingham, you will be joining a lively community of around 28,600 fellow students. 

Staying in Birmingham is more affordable than London. If you look hard enough you may even be able to rent an equivalent property for half the price of one in London.

Birmingham: Did you know..?

Birningham, home of Duran Duran, Peaky Blinders and the Electric Light orchestra, is a student-friendly city, with a strong association with good food. Besides having the second most Michelin restaurants outside of London, it also has some of the most, and best Indian, and Pakistani restaurants in Britain, thanks to its huge Asian population. Indeed, Birmingham is believed to be the birthplace of the balti bowl.

The city is also well known for its nightlife, and its abundance of theatres, museums, clubs, pubs, bars, shopping centres, attractions and much more. However, Birmingham is also well known for its extensive network of beautiful canals. In fact, with 35 miles of canal, it has more than Venice!


Birmingham is very well connected in terms of travel, with taxis, mini-cabs, and a large network of buses and trams. It is also well-connected with the rest of the country and numerous locations abroad.

Joint Points

Bimingham has numerous train stations directly connecting the city with numerous large cities, both nearby, and across the UK. 


Birningham has an internatiional airport, and several regional airports.


Manchester, birthplace of the industrial revolution, and home of the first programmable computer, the first professional football league, ‘Coronation Street’, the longest running TV soap opera in history, and bands like Oasis, The Smiths, Take That, and countless others.

As a student you may be inspired to hear that a staggering 25 noble prize winners all studied in Manchester. By choosing to study in Manchester, you will be joining an impressively knowledgeable student community of around 99,000 people, from a wide variety of countries, and cultures.

Manchester: Did you know..?

Manchester is one of the best places to live. Firstly, it is very affordable. In fact, it is estimated to be approximately 32% cheaper than London. Also, there is a great deal to do there in your free time. You can indulge yourself among the city’s theatres, museums, clubs, pubs, bars, shopping centres, and sporting venues. Football fans may be particularly interested in visiting the National Football Museum. If you like hats, perhaps a trip to ‘Hat Works’, the country’s only museum exclusively for hats, would be a fascinating experience. Alternatively, you could enjoy a very relaxing afternoon travelling along the Manchester canal.


Getting around Manchester is pretty easy. In addition to taxis and minicabs, there are very efficiently run bus, and tram services. 

Joint Points

Trains out of Manchester connect you with most of the major UK cities, and you can travel between Manchester and London in around two and a half hours.


Manchester has an international airport which makes the city within easy reach of around 250 destinations, within the UK, and abroad.


Leicester is one of oldest cities in the UK, and the origin of the modern English language. Now home to around 300,000 students, Leicester was recently voted one of the top three best cities for students in the UK. Leicester is a very welcoming city, with plenty to enjoy. The first ever tour, as we now know them, was a day trip in Leicester, in the 1800s. 

Those early tourists would have been fascinated by the city’s many historically significant sites like Leicester Castle – one of the earliest locations of the UK Parliament, before it moved to London. However, that tour now has an unexpected, and extremely popular, recent addition. The car park where the remains of King Richard III were discovered in 2012

Leicester: Did you know..?

In regards to socialising, Leicester is packed with live entertainment venues, thanks to its many pubs, clubs, restaurants, bars and music festivals. There are also museums, outdoor spaces to chill out, and for culture seekers, art galleries, and theatres. From a religious perspective, Leicester is famous for having the biggest Diwali celebrations outside of India. 

Leicester is an extremely affordable place to live in terms of food, rent and entertainment. Residents of Leicester pay less for groceries and rent than almost anywhere else in the UK. If that isn’t enough, many of Leicester’s pubs, clubs, and other establishments, offer student discounts, saving you even more money


Travelling around Leicester is quite easy with its dedicated cycle paths, bike racks on most city centre streets, and showers and lockers at the town hall. 

In addition to coach services, the city benefits from Leicester Railway Station, which is very well-connected with other parts of the country.

Joint Points

Leicester offers a unique advantage for anyone wanting to visit other parts of the UK. It is situated in the centre of England, which makes it a great starting point for exploring the rest of the country. 


East Midlands Airport, and Birmingham International. By train you can reach East Midlands Airport in around 30 minutes, and Birmingham International in just under an hour.


This city is dedicated and working hard to make itself an even better place for students to live, and study. In addition to high standards of education, you can expect a friendly welcome, and all the comfort of a city that is small enough to feel at home.

However, despite being smaller than cities like London and Birmingham, Gloucester still has plenty for you to do, and enjoy in your time away from studying. It has pubs, clubs, bars, and restaurants – many offering student discounts, a fun-filled nightlife, and three shopping centres, Eastgate, Gloucester Quays, and Kings Walk.

Gloucester: Did you know..?

There is great deal to explore during your time there. Historically, Gloucester is ancient, and you can still see the ruins of a fortified Roman settlement. A really great suggestion is a visit to Gloucester’s famous 11th century, gothic cathedral. It has the largest stained-glass window in the world, and is the burial place of King Edward II.

One of the few British kings not to be buried in London. Other tourist attractions include the ice cream factory – the biggest in the UK, the historic Gloucester docks, and the ‘Waterways Museum’ which has interactive exhibits, and boat trips. If nature is your thing, you can enjoy the best of the British countryside, as the nearby Cotswolds is the UK’s largest area of outstanding natural beauty.


Gloucester is an incredibly easy place to get around. It is a manageable size with the benefit of regular buses, including a night service, taxis, minicabs, and the option to hire a bicycle, or electric scooter if you prefer.

Joint Points

Coaches are available to reach nearby towns and cities, and Gloucester Train Station allows you to connect with larger stations, which have routes across the UK.


Train time between London and Gloucester is a little under two hours. Bristol Airport is around 40 miles away, while Birmingham, and Cardiff airports are both less than 60 miles from Gloucester.


There are a lot of reasons why studying in Bath is a great choice. This beautiful old Roman city is famous for its spas, and its links with some of Britain’s greatest writers. Jane Austen was a resident of Bath, and the Jane Austen Centre is definitely worth a visit.  


Bath: Did you know..?

Charles Dickens spent a great deal of time in Bath, and Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein is one of Bath’s many attractions, along with the Victoria Art Gallery, the Fashion Museum, and The Royal Crescent. Bath is a lively city for socialising with its festivals, pubs, bars, and underground cocktail bars. Even better, student discounts are available, at shops and markets, as well bars, pubs, and clubs.


Getting around Bath is not a problem. You could quite happily walk around Bath given its size, or cycle along the city’s dedicated cycle routes, but you still have plenty of buses, taxis, and minicabs, if you prefer.  

Joint Points

Travelling to, and from Bath within the UK is very convenient, as it is served by the national train, coach and bus services.


Bristol Airport, just 19 miles from Bath, to places within the UK, and various destinations in Europe, Africa, and North America.


Leeds is the UK’s third largest city, and among other things, it is famous for being location of first ever video, and the birthplace of the fizzy drink. 

J.R.R. Tolkein, author of ‘The Hobbit’, and ‘The Lord of the Rings’ books was a teacher at Leeds University, and former students of the city include Corinne Bailey Rae, Kaiser Chiefs lead singer Ricky Wilson, and the Hollywood actor, Chris Pine.

Leeds is a great place to live while you study, in fact a significant number of students choose to stay after they graduate.

Leeds: Did you know..?

The city hosts over 30 festivals a year, including film, fashion, and books. Leeds’s fabulous nightlife, with its pubs, clubs and bars is more affordable, thanks to student discounts, and even more fun, owing to the new Granary Wharf development.

Leeds also has the attraction of beautiful parks, including the well know Hyde Park, sports facilities – including 160 tennis courts, museums, historical sites, and galleries, such as the Hepworth Wakefield. 


Along with buses, taxis, and minicabs, you have the option of hiring a cycle, or having a very pleasant walk around town.

Joint Points

Travelling to, and from Leeds is easy. You can visit, and return from other parts of the UK using the national network of trains, buses, or coaches. 


While Leeds Bradford Airport allows you to connect with many destinations around Europe.


Portsmouth has a very special place in British naval history. It has the oldest base in the Royal Navy, and was one of the key departure points for the D-Day landings in World War Two. The port is not only very famous, but it seems to have some resemblance to Venice. 

In 2003, two paintings by British artist JMW Turner that were believed to be of Venice were identified by Tate gallery experts as actually paintings of Portsmouth.


Portsmouth: Did you know..?

 There are a lot of ways to spend your free time.

They include: visiting King Henry VIII’s, once sunken ship, the famous Mary Rose; checking out the Portsmouth Museum; and exploring the historic docks.

You can also take the rare opportunity of travelling on a hovercraft, to the Isle of Wight. For those not afraid of heights, perhaps you might want to try the skywalk at the Spinnaker Tower.


Portsmouth is very easy to travel around with plenty of buses, taxis, minicabs, as well as having the option to cycle. If you want to travel into or out of Portsmouth, this is also not a challenge.

Joint Points

It is served by the national rail network, coach services and buses, that connect it with other cities and towns around the country.


Portsmouth also has its own international airport which enables you to travel directly to numerous locations around the UK, and various parts of Europe.


Nottingham, probably best known for being the home of legendary Robin Hood, is a fantastic place to study, and live. There are many clubs, pubs, bars, and restaurants. Some of pubs are the oldest in the England, such as the ‘The Trip of Jerusalem’ pub. This city with its stunning architecture has attractions that include unusual places like the City of Caves, as well as the very popular Nottingham Castle, Robin Hood Way, Sherwood Forest, and Green’s Windmill and Science Centre. 

You could also have a great day at Highfields Park, boating, playing lawn bowls, and croquet, or just marvelling at the park’s exotic plants.

Nottingham: Did you know..?

For culture lovers, there is the Theatre Royal, Royal Concert Hall, and numerous art galleries, including the prestigious Nottingham Contemporary. For those with an interest in history, the list of museums includes the intriguing, National Justice Museum.

Should you happen to love ice skating you will be delighted to know that Nottingham is the home of the National Ice Centre, one of the Britain’s largest ice-skating rinks.

Nottingham is very easy to get around with its buses, taxis, and minicabs. You can also hire a bike, or go for a very pleasant walk around town. 


The city is well connected to other major UK cities by the national networks of trains, buses, and coach services.  Train time to London is just over two hours.

Joint Points

The city is well connected to other major UK cities by the national networks of trains, buses, and coach services.  Train time to London is just over two hours.


The East Midlands Airport provides flights across the UK, Europe and North Africa, and is located just 15 miles from Nottingham city centre.


Chelmsford was awarded city status in 2012, which makes it one of the UK’s newest cities. It has a fascinating history. For five days it was actually the capital of England. Chelmsford is also the birthplace of radio.

It is well worth giving study in Chelmsford serious consideration. Firstly, it is considered the second healthiest city in Britain. Secondly, you will have plenty to keep you occupied in your spare time. 

Chelmsford: Did you know..?

Along with the pub, bars, restaurants and clubs that make for a very lively nightlife, Chelmsford also has a racecourse for horse racing, a cathedral, museums, art galleries.

The Hylands Gardens and Parkland, theatres, several shopping centres, an escape room, an archery school, cinemas, and a zoo.


Chelmsford is on the national rail network, and served by national coach, and bus services

Joint Points

Along with buses, taxis, and minicabs, you have the option of hiring a cycle, or going for a very pleasant walk around the town.  


Stansted International airport is just 20 miles from Chelmsford, which makes it very easy to travel to, and from the city by air. 


Colchester served as the capital of England, and was the first city in the United Kingdom. It has a long history that encompasses a wide range of topics, all of which may be discovered now by visiting its museums, ruins, and simply roaming around the city.

It has particularly strong links to both its Roman Heritage and the scars left by the Siege of Colchester during the English Civil War. Both events occurred during the city’s time as a Roman settlement.

Colchester: Did you know..?

Colchester is a city full of historic buildings, that is prospering and expanding. It will also provide you with lots of opportunities for entertainment to keep you occupied.

The city has a strong cultural identity, as evidenced by its abundance of museums, art galleries, theatres, and other facilities for the performing, and visual arts. Additionally, the city centre is alive with activity, featuring a wide variety of pubs, bars, night clubs, and shops.


You will find buses, taxis and minicabs. You will also enjoy walking or cycling around the town and seeing the remarkable surroundings.

Joint Points

It takes about an hour to get to both London, and Norwich from Colchester. You can also travel easily by rail get to seaside locations like Clacton-on-Sea, Walton-on-the-Naze, and Harwich International Port.


From Colchester, Stansted International Airport and Luton Airport are located relatively nearby. Stansted is around 28 miles away and Luton about 54 miles.


Canterbury is a truly exceptional place to live and study. It is one of the UK’s most beautiful cities and has something for everyone. It has a wealth of pubs, bars, clubs, parks, historic landmarks.

Museums like Beaney House of Art and Knowledge, the historic river tour, and the ghost tour, Canterbury Roman Museum, the great Whitefields open air shopping centre, and a huge abundance of restaurants, covering every taste of food imaginable.

Canterbury: Did you know..?

Canterbury is bursting with culture, with the world-renowned UNESO heritage site Canterbury Cathedral, art galleries, and theatres that include the Christopher Marlowe theatre, named after one of Canterbury’s, and Britain’s most famous playwrights.

In Canterbury you will discover a city full of historic buildings, and a place that is prospering and expanding. It will also provide you with lots of opportunities for entertainment to keep you occupied.


Canterbury is a great place in terms of travelling. It is small enough to find your way around, and has a regular fleet of buses, taxis and minicabs. However, it really is the kind of place you will want to enjoy cycling or walking around, whenever you can.

Joint Points

It has two main train stations, Canterbury West, and Canterbury East. They can connect with other local cities, and the larger rail network. The fast service between Canterbury and London St Pancras gets you to the capital in under an hour


London St Pancras is the station where you pick the train to London Gatwick, the nearest airport. Another option is to travel from Canterbury by coach, to visit other parts of the UK.


Cambridge which gets its name from the beautiful River Camb, is one of the most inspiring places in the world to study.  It is the home of the fourth best university in the world, Cambridge University, and the city has had 86 noble Prize winners. It is also the centre of the UK’s technology industry.

Cambridge has everything a student can ask for, including fascinating places, numerous shopping centres, and fantastic night life. First off, you get to meet fascinating fellow students from all over the world. Famous people to have studied in Cambridge include the famous poet, Lord Byron who actually kept a bear in his university dorm.

Cambridge: Did you know..?

This city has a fantastic social life. It is a student friendly city, filled with discounted pubs, clubs, bars restaurants and a very lively music scene, so lots of live events throughout the year. Cambridge also has a good number of shopping centres, leisure centres, and everything else a student might need. It is a place of stunning architecture, beautiful houses, incredible outdoor spaces like ”The Backs”, and so many things to enjoy in your free time.  For example, you could row a boat down the River Camb, visit a theatre, or museum, explore the street market, watch a rowing race, take a walking tour, or cycle around town.


Cambridge is small enough to learn your way around very quicky, and you can get from place to place by car, taxi, minicab or bus, if you choose not to walk, or cycle.

Joint Points

You can travel to locations around the UK by coach, bus, or the national train network.


Train time to London is under an hour. London Stansted airport is nearest international airport, and there is a direct train line with Cambridge.


Hertfordshire is a great place to study, and live if you love the idea of being close to London, while living in the countryside. In fact, it consistently ranks very high among the UK’s best places to live. It is an English county that contains a number of South East England’s best known, and most beautiful towns like Hereford, Stevenage, St Albans, Hemel Hempstead, and Welwyn Garden City.

Hetfordshire: Did you know..?

With so many incredible towns spread across Hertfordshire, there is plenty to do in your free time. It has a vibrant social scene with pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants. There are also great shopping centres, parks, leisure centres, theatres, cinemas, museums, and the very impressive Hereford Cathedral.


Travelling around the county of Hertfordshire is made easier by the fact that all of the major towns such as Hereford, Stevenage, St Albans, Hemel Hempstead, and Welwyn Garden City have trains stations.

Joint Points

You can also travel easily to, and from Hertfordshire, as it has great connections with the rest of the UK. The national train, bus, and coach networks serve the county extremely well.


It can take as little as half an hour to travel between London and Hertfordshire. The time to London varies between the towns but is no more than an hour and a half. The nearest international airport, London Stansted is very close by, around nine miles away.


Plymouth has a special place in British history, particularly naval history. Sir Francis Drake who defeated the Spanish Armada fleet in 1588, was once mayor of Plymouth. It is also the home of brave men like explorer Captain Cook who discovered Australia, and Robert Falcon Scott, the first British man to lead an expedition to Antarctica.

Plymouth is an unusual city, as it is by the sea. This means you get all the benefits of city life but with more on top. In Portsmouth you will enjoy a great social life with its clubs, pubs, bars, restaurants, live music, theatre, and comedy scene. 

Plymouth: Did you know..?

 Portmouth offers sightseeing tours, shopping centres, outdoor markets, entertainment, nightlife, comedy, theatre, live music, water sports, the National Marine Aquarium, and a chance to visit “Plymouth Original Strength Gin” – England’s oldest working distillery

When it comes to getting around the city, in addition to  buses, taxis, and minicabs, there is also the “Waterlinks” water taxi service connecting the Barbican and Sutton Harbour with Royal William Yard, and Plymouth Sound. However, Plymouth is the kind of place where you might find it more fun and enjoyable just to cycle or walk around.


There are many ways to get around Plymouth with its buses, taxis, and minicabs. Getting to Plymouth from overseas may require an indirect flight to Newquay, or Exeter International Airport. However, both airports do have a select number of direct flights to large cities in Europe and the US. 

Joint Points

You can travel to, and from Plymouth by train, bus, and coach to other parts of the UK.  Due to its location in the far west of England, you may find it easier and faster to fly to certain cities such as Manchester, London, and Newcastle from one of the two nearest airports.


Newquay Airport has direct flights to Zurich, and Dusseldorf, and Exeter International offers direct connections to Washington DC, Chicago, and New York, and Toronto. However, both airports have numerous direct flights to holiday destinations, such as Alicante, Corfu, Menorca, Cyprus, and Tenerife.


Luton is a bustling, exciting town set between the Chiltern Hills that offers many benefits to visitors.

The town is multicultural, and vibrant. Luton has its own international airport, and extensive road and rail access to the UK. It’s also surprisingly green, with many landscaped parks, with one having been restored to its original Edwardian splendour.

The Mall is home to numerous shops, and has now been upgraded. The many nearby streets and town squares provide a variety of specialty boutiques and sidewalk cafes.

Luton: Did you know..?

Luton has wonderful pubs, restaurants and bars, and its nightlife can’t be beaten. Also, the police, council, and local bars and clubs work together to make sure everyone is safe.

The 18-hole public golf course is the greatest for miles. Luton’s town centre contains a theatre, cultural centre, and multiplex cinema.

Luton is located in the county of Bedfordshire which is a great place to visit. It is known for its winding rivers, and countryside filled with birdlife and flowers. There are even wildlife parks crawling with lions and tigers. Like an African safari, you can take your vehicle right up to the zebras and giraffes.


Luton is very easy to get to and get around with a well developed transport system of taxis, minicabs, buses and trains. 


Joint Points

Getting to nearby towns like Bedford and Milton Keynes, as well as counties a bit further away like Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, and Buckinghamshire is also easy. You will definitely be able to find a train, bus, or coach connecting Luton with these locations.


Luton is easy to get to by car, train, or plane. It takes less than an hour to get there from London by train. London Luton Airport, links Luton with hundreds of international locations.


The county of Bedfordshire is a great place to visit. It is known for its winding rivers, and countryside filled with birdlife, and flowers. 

There are even wildlife parks crawling with lions, and tigers. Like an African safari, you can take your vehicle right up to the zebras and giraffes.

Bedfordshire: Did you know.?

Bedfordshire is perfect if you enjoy being outside. The Chiltern Hills are home to a wide variety of native flora and fauna, including kestrels, fallow deer, and muntjacs.

The Whipsnade Zoo, Woburn Abbey, and Wrest Park are three of the most popular tourist destinations in Bedfordshire. Bedfordshire is also known for its abundance of large manor houses.


Bedfordshire is easy to get to by car, train, or plane. It takes less than an hour to get to there from London.

Joint Points

It’s also easy to get around the county to visit major Bedfordshire towns like Bedford, and Luton.  You will also have coach, bus and rail links if you wish to visit counties a bit further away like Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, and Buckinghamshire.


London Luton Airport, which serves hundreds of international destinations, is conveniently located in the middle of Bedfordshire. It is well connected by road or rail, whether you’re coming from abroad or somewhere else in the UK.


Cardiff, the capital of Wales, is a compact but thriving city that offers a diverse range of attractions, and activities. It is characterised by the presence of the River Taff, which flows through its centre, as well as a castle, which is encircled by the lovely Bute Park.

When it comes to the city itself, the city centre boasts the highest concentration of green space to population ratio of any city in the United Kingdom.

Cardiff: Did you know..?

There is the breath-taking Bute Park, which contains Cardiff Castle; the River Taf, which winds its way all the way through the heart of the city; and the Cardiff Bay barrage, which is known for its wetland areas and the abundant wildlife that now thrives there. 

All of these attractions can be found in Cardiff.


Cardiff is very easy to get around. Being a city it has all o the transport connections you would expect. It is also very close to other, well-known, and beautiful locations. If you drive for half an hour, you can reach the famous Brecon Beacons; and a bit beyond that you will find the stunning, untouched beaches of the Gower.

Joint Points

Bristol is only 40 miles away, and London is just 150 miles away, so it is definitely possible to enjoy a big night out, or a weekend away, either in London, or one of the neighbouring cities.


If you want to travel a bit further away Bristol airport serves a range of European countries, as well as the USA and north Africa.